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Zaneena Nabeel

When I started art seriously, I had bought some books on watercolor painting and while browsing through them, I had always dreamt of writing a book on watercolor painting. This is actually a dream come true moment for me. Never did I think I would ever be able to say, ”I am an author”, but I guess the time has come!

Coming October 2023 my book  ”Bold and Beautiful Skies” will be available for PRE-ORDER. I’m so excited!

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Every now and then we need a break from our busy lives to relax. For me, art is an escape. When you are creative, your mind travels to places and your imagination becomes limitless. The tranquility of the sky, the stillness of a river, the serenity of the mountains, the complexity of the sea… You can travel anywhere and easily put yourself in any place.

Creating art gives me joy and I want to share the joy of creating with everyone through my artwork and classes.

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30 Days of Dreamy Watercolor Landscapes : Embark on a Creative Journey with Me

Watercolor is a medium that surprises me every time I try a new painting. Every day there is a new inventory or color that happens to be created from mixing random colors. It is an unpredictable medium that offers many surprises.

Let's Create a Fall themed Travel Journal

Art and travel are two things that are very close to my heart, and I am very excited to offer you a class combining travel and watercolor painting. We will paint 10 real places and create our own travel journal on the theme of autumn.

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